Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday pre dinner/dinner

After nap time, we took the tram back to the museum quarter to play on a playground. The Van Gogh museum was closed, so I was able to take better photos. 

Bunny ears. 

No bunny ears. 
This playground almost gave me a heart attack. 
Z was actually stuck at this point. 

While Z finished climbing, I took a couple of photos with S. She wanted to touch the water, so I let her (and then she put her fingers in her mouth- disgusting!!!). 

Striking a pose. 

It started raining, and it was getting cold, so we took the tram back to our neighborhood and went to the same restaurant, Bosco. It has a limited, set menu, which changes daily. 

Z ate mussels again, which we got as a starter. This is the second time he ate them, so I guess it isn't a fluke - he must really like them. 
He was pretty grumpy, and was impatient waiting for the other food to come, and kept making a yucky face, so we all mDe yucky faces. 





At the end, the waiter (Z's friend) let Z help him get the check. 

Z, our little waiter. 

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