Saturday, July 04, 2015


Wednesday, doctor day, was also the communal meal night back at Cascine Crema. This week U was firing up the pizza oven by the pool. We brought our own toppings, and he provided the dough and the means to bake the pizza. 

S kept eating the olives pre pizza baking. J & I got to play a little badminton while the kids watched. 

Urs and the pizza oven. 

Getting the pizza out. 

Ready to eat!!!

Z actually ate some. 

S appears happy. 

See? Z IS eating!

S enjoyed another Highlights magazine. She also had fun going to talk to the group of teenage German girls who thought she was really cute. It was adorable seeing her gather her courage to go say "ciao" to them. 

J is getting a little crazy with the badminton racket. 

I went back to the house for more plates for an unexpected dessert, and found this humongous spider. It is actually bigger than it looks. The camera distorted the size of my finger. 

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