Friday, July 03, 2015

Bergolo dinner

After returning from Alassio, we had to go straight to the pool because there were cleaners cleaning our house. S was so tired and had fallen asleep in the car, and just wanted to go to her room and keep sleeping, but she couldn't. She cried and cried and made a scene at the pool, but I finally got her calmed down. All the driving and riding in the car was tiring, so we decided to go out for dinner in the small town just over the hill in bergolo. 
J & s

Our gigantic wine glasses. I've never seen any that tall!

Z is actually half smiling for this picture!

First course- veggies. 

Nettle ravioli with goat ricotta

Rabbit medallions and veggies


The kids' handmade pasta which neither one really ate. 

The kids' dessert, which neither one ate either. 

A picture z drew during dinne - a car going through a tunnel, inspired by our tunnel filled trip. 

A picture in the restaurant which z drew. 

Z's version. 

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