Saturday, July 04, 2015


Z's coughing was really bad Tuesday night at dinner and throughout the night, and it had been over two weeks that he was sick, so we decided to take him to an Italian doctor who could listen to his lungs. I'm not entirely sure what the verdict was, but he sent us to the farmacia with a prescription, and then said to return afterward to the office. 
We went right away to he farmacia, but unfortunately it was closed for another hour, so in the meantime, we stopped for water and a Popsicle, before hanging out at the playground. Z and j went back to the farmacia and then the dr's office while s & I stayed at the playground in the shade. Hot day! We met back at the gelato place, and then went back home. 
Waiting for the office to open. Turns out there es a real waiting room inside, but it wasn't evident from the outside. So we just waited outside until someone told us to go in. Z is smiling....

And now he isn't. 

In the waiting room, which was very warm. 

S made art using nature. 

Art up close.

S gave her art a swing. 
Z ended up with a steroid and an antibiotic. 

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