Saturday, July 04, 2015

Grinzane Cavour Castle

Yesterday, we visited the castle at Grinzane Cavour before going wine tasting in Barolo. Our tasting was scheduled at 3, so we aimed to reach the castle by 1:30. We dosed the kids with Dramamine, and began the drive to Alba for the second day in a row. Thankfully they slept the whole way. 
The walk up to the castle was so incredibly hot. We paused in this shady area and took in the vista before going in the castle. There were signs saying no picnicking or dog walking on the grassy areas, but people were sitting there anyway. 
View from the top of the hill. 

This is the first room of the museum in the castle. There is also a restaurant and a wine store in the castle. The giant wine press still works. 

Kids in the stairwell. 

A meeting room where the town mayor and owner of the castle would preside. 

Some pictures on the top of the meeting room.  

One of the displays was a curved wall of the different types of wines made in the area. 

Outside the castle. 

A little courtyard with outside tables for the restaurant. 
Right near the beginning of exploring the museum, s said she had to use the potty. We had to walk down something like three flights of rickety castle stairs, all the way around the castle and across the hot courtyard to a long ramp leading underground the property to the bathrooms. It was SO HOT!!! 
Here is a picture of the castle from the bathroom ramp. 

We managed to find z and j, who graciously didn't wander far. This was from the top level of the castle. Beautiful fresco on the ceiling. There were copies of recipes for cooking with wine (poached pears, risotto, etc)
Which you could rip off and take with you, so I have some to try once home. 

Frescoes ceiling. 

Another view. 

After finishing the tour, we were really hot and thirsty. The castle restaurant was closed, so we walked to a small cafe across from the parking lot which advertised having gelato. They only had four flavors, but that was just fine. The fragola (strawberry) was delicious! J & I had a glass of white wine. 
J and the wine (and water). 

We were brought this small spread of cheese, bread, and sausage for no charge! Yummy. 

Z was really hungry and wanted more gelato, so we tried to teach him the words to say to order a second cuppeta, but he was shy. S said, "z- are you shy?" It was really cute. J ended up helping him order more. It was air conditioned (a bit weak, but amazing) which was heavenly. Very refreshing. Thank goodness the AC in our car is powerful. 

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