Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Last night was horrible. People were talking until really late in the night. They had quieted down around 11pm, and then a new party started around 12am. I was really hot and itchy. If I wanted to be cool, it meant getting bitten by bugs. If I didn't want bug bites, it meant being hot. Either way, I couldn't sleep, so I tried moving downstairs to one of the empty bedrooms. Much better. Because it was down a floor, it was cooler, and I didn't need to have the windows open.
Now we are trying to run the dishwasher, and it won't work. It probably got unplugged when we were trying to figure out the basement power situation, but I'm worried that it will trip the power again.
So tired of this. I have NO patience for anything anymore.
We have plans to go into town today - errands to do. Groceries, stamps, Dramamine - 3 different stores at least.

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