Friday, July 10, 2015

Last days in Italia

Yesterday, we tried looking around Cortemilia, looking for the hazelnut hall of fame. We never found it, but found this little playground behind the municipio. It was next to a pizzeria with a loud, barking dog who tried his best to scare us away. 

Action shot

Not sure that is how you're supposed to
rise that. 

Z and s in the barrel of Bacchus. 

Z took this picture of us. 

Today we drove to Turin, checked into the hotel (awful beds), went to an awful lunch right next to the hotel in a place with a kids play room - sort of like a tiny chuck e cheese, and then drove into downtown Turin looking for Parco Valentino. 
We finally found it, and walked a long long way to find this tiny medieval village. 

We finally found the playgrounds. 

S balancing. 

After the long walk back, we treated the kids to ice cream bars and ourselves to birras. We were relieved to see that we hadn't received a ticket for failing to pay for parking. 

J found an awesome restaurant - Geoffrey's - which was a real restaurant, but had this great play room for kids. 

This was one of our starters. 

Biting into the tomato one on the right created this mess on the table cloth. 

Stuffed green pepper with ricotta. 

Pizza which was steamed. 

Carne curds with anchovy paste and hazelnuts. 

This is supposed to look like an egg. The orange center was a carrot soufflĂ©, with black truffle shavings and Parmesan cream. 

Tagliatelle with sugo. 

Gelato and fruit. 

After dinner we checked out a sad little play area behind the hotel before going up for showers and bedtime stories. Good night! Tomorrow we fly to Amsterdam. Last night in Italia. 

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