Friday, July 03, 2015

Sunday racing

We knew ahead of time that the road to town would be closed, so we went grocery shopping in town on Saturday so we wouldn't need to come in on Sunday. 
On Sunday morning, after getting some laundry done, we walked down the long driveway to the main road to watch the moscato rally. It was fun, but the cars were loud, which s disliked. There were also some bees which kept bombarding us. For awhile, we watched from high up the road, but then j walked down to the road and told us it was much more exciting to go down the whole way (over a kilometer from the property gate), so I walked the rest of the way with the kids (carrying s most of the way).  

S had to pee. We had not anticipated that. 
I took s bunch of mini movies, but I can't post them through the blogger app I'm using on my phone, so I'll do that at a later date, when using the Wi fi doesn't involve getting bombarded by bees, as it does here. 

Kids had fun playing with nature. Z, with his great eye for all things small, found lots of snail shells all in one place.  
When we were finished watching, j ran ahead up the hill to get the car to pick us up. We walked up until j arrived with the car. I'm really glad he did that because the bees were still out and followed our car up almost the whole way. 

This is what doing one load of laundry looks like. That's not all of it, either. There was a bunch hung up on other lines, too. 

Bedtime stories with daddy. 

The sunset outside our porch. 

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