Monday, July 06, 2015

Fourth of July lunch

After the castle, we drove to a
Recommended restaurant in Prunetto, but it was closed. The kids were fast asleep, so we tried a different restaurant 15 min away. 

Z is out. 

S is out. 

Mommy is driving. 
Eventually we found a restaurant. The only way we found this restaurant was by calling it and having one owner meet us in the courtyard. It was so hot out, and we had walked around the town a bit. The restaurant was nice, but it was So hot. Z was acting s little weird- I was afraid he was overheated, but he ended up ok. 

They brought us this as a starter. Chickpea fritters with some salami. 
Zucchini and other veggies. 

Sausage meatballs with hazelnuts and gravy. Very good. 

S and z got gnocchi in olive oil and Parmesan. 

The fixed menu, which we weren't using. 

Ravioli in sage and butter. 

Plin ravioli in rhyme and butter sauce. Kids liked this. 

Chocolate cake. 

A sort of tiramisu. 

House made gelato with a chocolate spoon. 

S playing with her knife. 

Family. It was a good meal, but too hot. :(

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