Monday, July 06, 2015

Canelli, part 1

Yesterday, we zipped out the door early to reach Canelli for a 10am English tour of the underground cathedrals at the Bosca winery, which is an UNESCO world heritage site. 

The stairs by which we descended into the nether regions.

Lighting was not good. Also, there were many presentations with music, and the lights would suddenly go on and off unpredictably. By the time I was ready to take a picture, the lights were already shut off. 

Elevator for the bottles. 

Weird artistic display in a large cavern. 

I was worried s would fall down through the railing into the cavern. 

Another poorly lit shot of the big room. 

Lots of bottles of sparkly, which get turned each day at a particular time of year by a professional bottle turner. 

This thing makes grappa. 

Pourer of the bubbly


This was the first thing to hit my tummy that morning. 

Kids got to taste a non alcoholic bubbly. Z actually liked it, so we bought a bottle. 

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