Saturday, July 11, 2015

Departing Turin, arriving at Amsterdam.

Despite the yucky hotel room, everybody slept. 
Z asleep.

S and J asleep. S woke up with a fever, by the way, and J is sick. Both were coughing at night and talking in their sleep.

If you look really really closely at this picture, you can just barely make out mountains with snow on them far, far away.

Z with his breakfast, S with her eyes closed.

I felt like it was only fair to post a second take of this with S smiling.

J and his breakfast.

It took us one time driving around to find the rental car return. We had to wait a long time to get our turn at the counter, but once we did, it was just a quick thanks, and we were done. Checking bags was quick. Security was quick. No way to know if it will be a long or short wait, so we got here early. It is 10, and our flight leaves at 11:45.

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