Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday morning.

This morning we took a canal boat tour. 

All ready to board!
The kids got activity books to help keep them occupied. 

Z & J. 

S & me. 

Ahoy matey!
We all had headphones to listen to a tour while we rode. The kids' was about pirates. S didn't listen to hers. 

Clock tower with four different clock faces, all of which are supposed to be on the same time but all are on different times, causing the bells to ring at completely random intervals. 

Clock tower from farther away. 


Nemo - science center for kids. 

Carre theater. 

Z completed one of the pages in the booklet for a chance to win a prize. 

Where we boarded our seafaring vessel. 

We want for lunch immediately after the tour, especially since S was complaining of hunger the whole tour. We ate at an Irish pub, and J had "the Irish breakfast." 

Hard Rock Cafe, which was next to the Irish pub. 

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