Monday, July 06, 2015

Canelli, part 3

After the second winery, it was incredibly hot outside. We stopped at a nearby cafe for lunch. 

Z lost another tooth!!! The tooth fairy left him a 2 Euro coin. 

Z and his tricolor pasta, in a cream thyme sauce, which he didn't like. The previous day he had liked the thyme sauce on our pasta, but of course, when we ordered it for him, he didn't like it. Kids. Oh well. 

S had the same, and I can't recall whether or not she liked it. 

Antipasti. Very good. Some sort of veggie flan with white sauce. 

Trying out different things in the phone. 

Another black and white. 

Me and some vino bianco. 

S loves her mama!

Finally had some risotto. It is supposed to be a typical Piedmontese dish. It was with mushrooms. Good. 

Another pasta with funghi. 

J, sweltering in the heat. It was difficult eating all that hot food in the heat. Not very enjoyable, but we had no other options. 

When we returned home, we found that our power had been out, just on the first floor. We waited around for awhile, looking for the property manager, but we never saw him. We finally asked someone whom we were hoping was his daughter, as we had never been introduced and we don't speak German. We were correct that she was his daughter. She told us he was gone until Wednesday, and said she would try calling him (we had called him, but he wasn't answering his phone). We finally heard back from her, and she brought a couple other guests with her to try to figure out a solution. One guy finally realized our freezer was tripping the breaker, and the electricity would only work if we left the freezer off. By then, half the items in the freezer were melted, so I poured them into glasses for the kids to drink. The other things got transferred to a freezer in an empty apartment. We had just purchased chicken and beef. I cooked the chicken last night (very well done), but when I went to cook the ground beef tonight, it didn't smell so fresh, so I had to throw it out. 😡
So much food wasted due to ants/lack of electricity. This trip has not exactly been a walk in the park. I'm really looking forward to going home. 

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