Monday, June 29, 2015


We set out this morning to go to a museum about Barolo wines. On the way, very close to Barolo, after many windy tiny roads, s started whimpering. J pulled over, and I whipped s out of the car just in time for her to bend over and vomit. She successfully emptied her stomach of its breakfast without sullying her pretty yellow dress. We hung out for 10 min until her stomach settled, gave her Dramamine, and moved on. We got to a big roundabout, where a worker was blocking where we needed to go, and there was a policia. The policeman said Barolo was chiusa- closed- so we ended up driving back to Monforte d'Alba to eat an early lunch. 

The prosecco is the first thing to hit my stomach today. The waiter has suggested an alternate route into Barolo, as the whole town is not closed- just the road. 

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