Monday, June 22, 2015

Mid flight

Z has passed out. J is busy watching movies. The flight was quite pleasant. We had a snack, then dinner (teriyaki chicken- tasty!), and then a breakfast. There were movies galore. Z watched movies, but really had fun playing lots of video games. S had fun watching movies, and slept a fair amount. Tuesday night I was up until 1:30am with her vomiting. When she finally fell asleep and I fell asleep, z woke me up becUse he was having nightmares. I think I finally fell asleep at 3am. I can't remember what else I did that day, but I'm sure it was full of last minute tasks and errands. I got her into the dr at 3:50, and the dr sent us down for chest X-rays. It turned out she had pneumonia, and so we travelled with the antibiotics in ice packs and put her on lots of zofran so she wouldn't throw up on the flight. We arrived safely in Amsterdam, collected our bags (and in the process lost the outer covering on the large suitcase's wheels), and waited for the hotel shuttle. If I have to stay there overnight again, I think I will opt for the Sheraton, shock is walking distance from the hotel ( it just doesn't have a pool). We paid 70 euro extra to get into a room right away, and slept for 4 hours before exploring the hotel and pool. 

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