Monday, June 22, 2015

Crown plaza hotel Amsterdam

So, we arrived at the hotel, and went to sleep- 4 hours! Then we got up and went swimming. 
S is ready for swimming!
S & z are having fun playing in the suite. 
Please, mommy- can we go swimming?

We swam, then went up to the club room for a free drink and basically non existent snacks, then met the grandparents in the hotel restaurant for dinner. The food wasn't great, but it was good to eat. 
The night's sleep was awful. The kids woke up at midnight and were starving. I finally fed them granola bars, and then they were able to sleep. Unfortunately we had to get up at 5ish in order to eat our (free) breakfast and catch the 6:20 shuttle to the airport. We caught the flight in time, and all was fine. They served us a snack aid a sandwich! 
It took a long time to get the rental cars. The Italian Turin airport is dirty and smoky. There was no place to buy a SIM card for our phones, so it took us about 5 hours to reach the Cortemilia house without google directions. Too many roads without signs. We stopped relatively midway at a small bar for Pannonia. Poor S could barely wake up to eat anything- she was so tired and kept crying. The kind server gave the kids two lollipops each. S fell asleep eating hers, as you can see in the picture. 
The lollipop is stuck to her shirt. So sweet. Finally we found the place and settled in. It took a few nights to adjust to the time change. S took the longest. 

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