Monday, June 22, 2015

Hurray for SIM cards!

Evidently stores are closed on Mondays, but we found a visa phone store open in Acqui Terme, so we headed there Monday morning. It took them forever! Here you can see the kids in front of the store. After we got the cards, we wandered around a bit, buying a couple pastries, and then some gelato, before heading back. We also found "Bennet", a Walmart type store on the way out of town. I got two sets of slipper sandals, a scarf, and other things like beach towels, which weren't supplied by the property, but which we were expected to use. It was really cold and rainy the first few days we were here, so the slippers and scarf really helped. It was also nice to get  basics like sponges for dishes, rubber gloves, etc. settling into a new place always feels a bit like camping in the beginning. 

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