Monday, June 29, 2015

Pool dinner #2

Last Wednesday, there was another poolside dinner, but this time we were allowed to help with the cooking. I went early, while j stayed with the kids and brought them later. We were helping make fresh ravioli, which ended up taking really long, because there was only one working pasta maker. 

The one pasta maker that was broken. 

Z being silly with bread, saying they were glasses. 

The dinners are family style, so the portions on the plate weren't necessarily pretty. The first course was a Russian type salad (I remember it being popular in Spain), which had a little too much mayonnaise for my taste, but z actually liked it. Pic isn't worth posting. 
2nd course was beef tartare, with aruga and lemon. I ate that tiny but. Not a fan of uncooked hamburger, but at least I tried it, right? J ate a ton of it. 
Next was a sort of spinach egg medallion. Tasty, but not pretty. 
Next was roasted red pepper with runs sauce.

Next was the pasta we made. Yummy. Lots of butter. 
Next was chicken in butter lemon sauce with carrots and potatoes. 
This was dessert. Panna cotta and the same hazelnut chocolate torte as last time. Kids didn't eat theirs, so we took them home to eat another day. Once again, everyone was speaking German around us and we were completely left out. We survived by having the kids play games on the phones. Cost of the dinner? 24 euro per person (kids are a euro per year of age). 

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