Friday, February 21, 2014


a couple weeks ago, it snowed in portland. we called it the snowpocalypse. i was sick that week with a fever and sinus infection. it is the first time ever i have cancelled a whole week of teaching! i was sick from sunday on, and the snow began on thursday. z went to school that day, but he came home early around noon. g'ma & g'pa were coming over to drop off some soup, so they picked up z on their way here. daddy came home early from work, and it took him at least an hour to drive home, because the traffic was so bad with everyone trying to get home in the snow. 

my little cuddle bug, painting on the stool.

here's a movie of it snowing. i found it fascinating to watch the wind blow the snow in blustery gusts.

getting bundled up to go play outside.

whoa! snow!!!

mommy, i'm stuck!!!

vinny prints

z in the snow

i didn't get nearly as many movie clips as i'd like because i was sick. i spent a fair amount of time outside on saturday, but then sunday i felt a lot worse, so i guess the cold air wasn't good for my cough. the next time it snows, i will be healthy, and ready! both j & i vow to ski in our neighborhood. being sick & hacking up a lung sort of takes the fun out of life. 

here's a brief clip of fun with the snow.

z and the neighbor kids

here is a random cute, funny clip.

here is s, in an igloo in the neighbors' yard. it was a group project by all the neighbors. i think one night they even lit a fire in there. 

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