Friday, February 21, 2014


as i was cleaning up after dinner tonight, i noticed z's practice chart and stickers were on the kitchen floor. i went to reattach them to the magnetic clips on the fridge door, and found that the clips were now holding one coin each. one nickel, and one penny.

i can't tell you how FREQUENTLY weird stuff like this happens around the house. my son is so quirky. i do love it, though. i never know what i will find each day, after he has left for school. 

the kids always have a couple minutes to play around after z & i practice violin in the morning. during this morning's little play break, he wrote on the white board in my studio "i have the best mommy ever," or some sort of statement, written in kid-ese. it made my heart melt. unfortunately someone erased it before i had a chance to take a picture. 

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