Tuesday, February 18, 2014

christmas 2013

we cut off the beginning of this little snippet, but oh well. you still understand z's excitement.
christmas 2013 was fun. grandma & grandpa came over for christmas morning, and we opened presents. then they went home, and j & i cooked dinner & prepared the table and house for all the guests. the kids went down for a nap. then everyone came over (g'ma, g'pa, aunt m, abuelo, abuela, my student j, and m). uncle c & aunt r made a brief appearance, too! fun times. 

g'ma does s's hair

z opens stocking presents

s opens stocking presents, although she needed a little help
z finds big presents behind the tree...

s tried to open her presents using chopsticks

wow! check out that bacon turkey!!!

m is helping j with the carving

g'pa gave out carving advice to j

m opens a cracker

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