Thursday, February 20, 2014

happy new year 2014!

happy new year! i made blueberry pancakes with holes in the middle, because eating things that are round with holes in the middle is supposed to bring good luck. 

z and his pancake, with syrup in the middle.

s & her pancake, cut up into pieces.

z gives a thumbs up for the whole new year's celebration thing.

here's a silly video of s doing this new tongue thing, along with a lot of whistling. 
eating lentils on new year's day is also supposed to bring good luck, along with eating pork. therefore, on new year's day, i made a lentil stew with pork. it turned out pretty tasty! the kids ate it, at least. i also made cornbread (which had to be baked in the turkey roaster). the abuelos came over to visit, so j & i got a quick trip to mcmenamins for a little away time. we used it to plan our vacation plans for the year. thanks, g'ma & g'pa, for the mcmenamins gift card! it lasted for two visits, thanks to going during happy hour. 

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daddy said...

thanks for letting me sleep in! silly S....