Wednesday, January 15, 2014


z is sick. he woke me up at 2am with his violent coughing. i gave him steroids, as there was a croupy edge to it. the coughing continued, and then stopped after 30 min - he must've fallen asleep.
and then it started again, around 5:45am. i tried to sleep through it, but fifteen minutes later he started calling mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, so i went in. the steroids didn't really do much. i gave him a 2T spoonful of honey, and of course it got everywhere. i sent him to the bathroom to clean the spoon and his hands & face, and told him to go back to his room. i went to take a quick shower. when i came out of the shower, i heard him singing loudly something about a bus. s was still sleeping, so i ran in asking why the heck he was singing so loudly if s was still sleeping. what was he thinking?????????? i was SO angry, so sent him back to his room until i was dressed. now both kids are awake and watching tv. the banging is going to resume again soon, as the deck is being replaced. this day is no fun. banging and coughing banging and coughing banging and coughing banging and coughing.
i found out last night after teaching that z hit his friend hard with his back pack after school, which had a somewhat full water bottle in it. they were playing tag, and z just whacked him hard with the pack, so much that the poor kid started crying. again, WHAT THE HECK WAS Z THINKING?????
that's my son. and that was BEFORE the steroids i gave him in the middle of the night. what a day this will be. yay.

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