Monday, January 13, 2014


this morning, z asked me how you draw a nine. i told him "how perfect! that is the number you are to work on next in your workbook!" i opened it to the proper page and showed him. (he should already know how to draw them - he's drawn them before.) i asked him why he wanted to draw nines. he was practicing writing down his zip code, he said "because when mommy and daddy and s are on fire, i can tell the firemen where i live."
of course.
i asked him what number you call in case of big emergencies, and he was able to say 911. i told him that 911 will know where we live automatically, by the place he is calling from.
he also said "grandma told me i need to tell the firemen where i live."
we reviewed his street address, number and all. just the zip code isn't enough.
it was cute how he practiced writing his zip code on about 10 little tiny pieces of paper. for some reason he needed to practice this morning, over and over again.
my children are weird.

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