Thursday, January 02, 2014


today was an odd day. i took z to a doctor's appointment, because he has a painful ingrown toenail that has been bothering him for awhile. the doctor ended up not doing anything but waiting. he thinks it will grow out. after the appointment, i dropped z off at school for the first time after the winter break. s & i came home, and we spent the morning playing and reading books. time got away from me, and i had to rush her through lunch to get her down for a nap. we're always on a schedule when we have to pick z up by 3pm. it means she if she goes down late for a nap, she can't get a full nap in because i have to wake her up early. she has been resisting her naps (even though she clearly still needs them), crying for a long time. today she cried for 10 minutes, and i went in, and she immediately changed her tone & perked up. i rocked her for awhile, and she started crying when i put her back in the crib. i let her cry for over 18 min before going back in. i offered her more milk, handing it to her in the crib, but said she still had to stay in her crib. she quieted down immediately, lied down, and then went to sleep (FINALLY!!!!). 
after picking z up from school, we went to stride rite to buy some new shoes. he has athlete's foot, according to the doctor, and the dr recommended we buy new, larger shoes. i got one pair for each child. s picked hers out (nice pink sparkly ones). we came home, and life was normal until j left to go to the climbing gym. z immediately started crying, saying he wanted daddy to read to him. his crying lasted over a half an hour. i have no idea WHAT got into my kids today!!! it was awful!!! eventually z finally calmed down, and we made it through the rest of the bedtime routine. when i was tucking z in, i asked him if i did an okay job reading, since i wasn't daddy. he said, "mommy, you did a WONDERFUL job reading." finally, a little sunshine on this day. sweet kid. he's a keeper.

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j said...

two thumbs up!

did I tell you he did that for me at bed time a couple days ago?