Thursday, January 02, 2014

new year's eve

z took this picture!

on new year's eve, we cooked a delicious dinner. j & i split a pre-cooked dungeness crab, and s had a little, but z did not because he hates seafood. we did make him try a tiny amount dripping in butter, but he still didn't like it. along with that, we had rib eye steak (which luckily was majorly on sale at new seasons, so i bought a bunch of it and froze it in small packs for use in the future when we need a bit of luxury). the kids had a bit of bacon pasta along with their tiny amount of steak. we had homemade lemon meringue pie for dessert. we drank an amazing st. innocent shea vineyard pinot from 2009. it is a future goal of ours to become wine club members at st. innocent. long way off, but good to have goals, right? 

z is striking quite a pose - it took several tries to get a real pic out of him, and to have s smiling and looking at the camera.

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