Wednesday, April 17, 2013


 the weather has been spectacular so far this week! after gymnastics, we went to a different park today. i brought z's yellow bike, a baseball & bat, a soccer ball, and a frisbee. in this picture, z threw the ball up himself (tennis style) and hit it - see the ball? it's an action shot!

s tried the big kid swing and did a pretty good job with it! another first for me. she was really fussy, though. she was sick this past fri-sun with a fever, which at one point got up to 103.2. j & i were supposed to go to a symphony concert sunday afternoon, but i cancelled the baby sitter and gave the tickets to my parents so that i could take s to urgent care. of course, nothing was wrong with her. i think it might have just been teething. her last canine is coming in, and i just noticed she has a bottom second molar (she already has the first four). i think more are coming in. z got his really early, and they all sort of came in at once, so i think that must be what's going on. poor s. it's not much fun for either of us!

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