Wednesday, April 17, 2013


most mornings, my children and i eat oatmeal for breakfast. i cook instant oats in the microwave, and then add raisins to theirs. z insists on my hiding all his raisins in the oatmeal. one morning when i was particularly tired, i began calling the raisins flies. from then on, z called them flies. this morning i told him that people do actually eat insects. he didn't believe me, so i showed him this link
he found it pretty interesting.

there have been lots of things i've failed to blog because i got so behind, but here is something i remember him saying the day we left for the coast on spring break - "this is the BEST DAY EVER! i got to crack two eggs in a bowl, we're having pancakes for breakfast, AND we're going to the coast!"
somehow getting to crack two eggs just completely made his day. it was really cute. he is getting really good at cracking eggs. i have him do the eggs for me every time i bake.

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