Sunday, April 14, 2013

children's museum

last sunday, we spent the morning at the children's museum. it was our neighbor g's birthday, so z went to the birthday party while j & i played with s. here's a clip of s going down a slide while wearing a climbing hat.
this weekend was busy with my students' piano rehearsals for next weekend's recital. z will be playing "hot crossed buns." it's his very first recital! the rest of the weekend was busy. j & z went swimming yesterday so that he could practice his swimming skills. s had a high fever this weekend. i took her to urgent care today, but nothing was wrong. it got up to 103.2. she has been really fussy - not much fun. i spent the afternoon cooking, doing laundry, & washing dishes. we were supposed to go to the symphony this afternoon, but grandma & grandpa used the tickets instead.

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