Tuesday, April 23, 2013

busy weekend

z does "this little piggy" on s. very cute.

on friday, z counted to 100 for the very first time in his life, and did a lot of it on his own on our drive to his school. i've started using the driving time to work on his counting, and to have him practice saying his address. now he needs to take the safety town class, so he doesn't tell it to the world! he was wait-listed for it, but i got the call yesterday that he got into the class. i remember taking it as a child. this kid doesn't understand stranger-danger. he likes asking strangers what their names are.

this weekend was a busy one. i had my students' recital, and z played for the first time, and j was helping set and judge routes for a climbing competition, and then helped judge, too. sunday was full with church, baking lasagna, and swimming in the afternoon. i started making a website for my teaching, with the help of j. it is a very frustrating and time consuming project, but hopefully if the kids continue to nap, and i continue to wake up early enough to work on it before they wake up, it will be finished soon. yesterday i was awake from 4:30am on, and i got up around 5:30. unfortunately s woke up early, even before z, at 6:15, so it didn't give me much free time.

yesterday was a wacky day because carpet cleaners were here the whole day. one guy arrived around 10, and then the other guy arrived, and it took them over 7 hours to clean all the carpets. they did one area rug in my studio for free! it was really expensive, but they did a great job. it made the day a little complicated, though, because it was all very noisy, so i took the kids to nap at g'ma & g'pa's house in tigard. it was exciting for the kids because they're watching someone else's dog, so there were two dogs to play with. pepper ate a dead mouse or bird, which z found very interesting. of course he didn't really nap. i think he's starting to drop it, and sleep more at night. i barely got home in time to eat some lunch, open up the studio before teaching, and lose both cats to the outside. the front door had to remain open for the cleaners, so i had both cats in the "hot tub" room, with the intention of moving them into the master bedroom, but the cleaners had all the doors open, and it didn't really seem feasible, but then persia got free. luckily she was so freaked out she just stayed inside. everything is still up on little pieces of foam while the carpet dries.

both kids seem to have a cough. s just woke me up crying, and something really weird happened in her room. i saw a flash of light by the wipe warmer, and then the lamp started flickering on & off, along with the fan revving softer to louder. the wipe warmer & lamp were plugged into one outlet, and the fan was in a different one, so it didn't make any sense. i woke j up, and he went into s's room & unplugged the wipe warmer, & switched plugs for the fan. i hope the house doesn't burn down. she cried several times, so i had to go in and rock her. time to go back to bed.
one morning i made toast and nutella for the kids instead of oatmeal. they loved it!

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