Sunday, August 11, 2013

sunriver 2013

i love mac and cheese!!!!
 so, on july 14, our family finally had a vacation begin. we were SO excited! we had been making a packing list for about a week, so we were well prepared. we gave s a dose of dramamine, as she has thrown up several times now on long drives, and mommy drove down, so as to drive extra gently. s did a great job; both kids really did wonderfully. neither one slept. it all went smoothly until we passed the town of sisters. s started getting fussy, so i tried giving each kid a piece of chocolate. they had been eating lots of snacks the whole way down, so they couldn't have been terribly fussy despite it being past noon. the chocolate + s was a bad idea, because she just held it in her hands instead of eating it, and so it melted and got all over the place. we realized she had pooped, which was most likely why she was fussing in the first place, so we pulled over and changed her, and wiped up all the chocolate. soon after, she fell asleep, five minutes before we pulled into our lunch destination - ten barrel brewing company. sigh. i got her out of the car and into the restaurant with her still fast asleep, so i just enjoyed a peaceful bit of heaven having her sleep on me, while i drank a beer as we waited for our table. there was a bit of a wait for a table inside, and i didn't mind one bit. she's such a little angel when she is sleeping! eventually she woke up, and was in a good mood, and we got seated soon. the kids' mac n cheese came out, and then our food, and all was well.
i love my pasta, too!
 after lunch, we drove over to see the nephews and their awesome new house. it's beautiful! it was hard to pack the kids back into the car for the 45 min ride to sunriver, but we all survived and reached our rental eventually. whew! fun day, but lots of time in the car. i think we made the kids ride their bikes or run around before bedtime. oh wait - no - we went swimming in the hot tub, and that definitely tired them out. they did a great job sleeping the whole week.
don't worry - z didn't taste any of the beer. it was just for mommy and daddy.

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