Thursday, August 22, 2013

pastry cream fail

 the friday after the neighborhood party, we were having friends over for dinner. i wanted to make a fruit tart, and was trying to make pastry cream for it. i tried THREE TIMES, and the cream did not turn out. the egg yolks kept getting cooked too much. i WILL master pastry cream, just not right now. i need to try a different recipe. i'm trying to remember what i ended up making instead... ahh. with all the egg yolks used, there were lots of left over egg whites. i made a pavlova.
here s is eating some pastry cream that didn't turn out. it still tasted really good!

s had fun standing next to me at the counter on a chair, but she did get into a little mischief. she kept digging her fingers into the ripening fruit on the counter. i didn't notice until after three nectarines and a fig had fallen prey, so we ate a lot of fruit that morning.

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