Thursday, August 22, 2013

short sands beach

we visited short sands beach at the beginning of august on the weekend. a friend was celebrating her 3rd birthday with a party at this popular surfing beach. it was our first visit - there is parking up by hwy 101, and you walk a half mile to the beach. there are bathrooms and water fountains right by the beach, which makes it convenient for visits with kids. z had fun playing with birthday girl a's brother. the tide went out, leaving a large swath of sand that was just barely covered in water - the largest tide pool ever! they found two starfish (someone must have set them there, but still) - they were alive! the boys were really excited. we will definitely visit this beach again. unfortunately this was the only picture i got of the whole visit. this was taken on the walk back to the car. both kids passed out on the drive home.

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