Saturday, May 04, 2013


this was a busy day. in the morning, we all went to the tiny park to play. z rode his bike, and s rode in the stroller as we explored the new path through the woods. we bought some plants from the library plant sale, and then j, z, & the neighbor kids planted them, while i made lunch. j put the kids down for a nap, while i drove across the city to a meeting in se portland. i came back just in time to teach two group classes. z participated in my first class, and he did a great job! his behavior was wonderful. he's not quite good at putting his violin up in playing position all by himself, but he still got a lot out of the class. kids learn so much from their peers!
s was incredibly fussy this evening. she wouldn't eat dinner, and i finally decided to just try putting her down for the night. we took a shower, i gave her some medicine, nursed her a little, and then she perked up. we went upstairs and watched a little tv with z, and she ate a large amount of the leftover dinner, before i put her down for the night. poor thing. she just woke up. another back 2 year molar has come through, so i'm assuming that's why she wouldn't stop crying.
we all still have colds. weather is still beautiful. j gets the day off before swimming. i'm planning on taking the kids out to lewis & clark state park before sunday school/church, and then lunch/naps before swimming at 4:30. sometime i have to fit in grocery shopping and cooking. yuck. hopefully s won't poop again in her swim diaper. that's what happened last week - it put me in a bad mood for the whole evening.

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