Wednesday, May 08, 2013

more sleep, please.

once again, the kids are sick. z was crying yesterday, while i was teaching, complaining of ear pain. my mom came down to get me to see if i knew where the garlic oil drops were (they're good for ear pain). we couldn't find them, so she finally just gave him tylenol, and he perked up. last night, z woke me up at 3:30am, crying and complaining of the same ear pain & a headache, and he had a fever. s woke up numerous times. i took them to the doctor this morning, because z still felt hot and cried from ear pain. he even asked to eat something cold for breakfast instead of his normal oatmeal.

both kids have ear infections. both of z's ears look awful; s is at the beginning of one in one ear, and the other ear is on its way. one of z's tubes is about to fall out - it's not where it should be, and the other is blocked with pus. z & s will have oral antibiotics and z will also have antibiotic ear drops.

despite being sick, z & i still practiced the violin this morning. i returned j's violin, which we were renting, and with the credit from renting the whole year, i purchased a tenth size violin for z, because he has grown! his first one is a sixteenth size. we now own three violins for the family. he played his new violin this morning for the first time (granted, for a short 6 minutes, since he was feeling so awful, and i was so sleepy from waking up so much).

z told me that s can have his smaller violin - very sweet of him. he was also very good in the doctor's office. s was crying a lot from the doctor looking at her ears, and z gave her lots of hugs & said, "it's ok, s, it's ok." he is a good big brother (and the doctor told him so).
one evening, after playing outside, z was really hot, so he wanted to play with less clothes. i thought it was cute.

from this morning - sick kiddos, eating fresh cookies out of the oven.

my violin, z's new violin, and the old violin (i guess s's violin now).

somebody has claimed her new instrument and loves carrying it around!

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