Saturday, December 21, 2013

z's 5th birthday

daddy lights a candle in z's birthday doughnut
 since z goes to school full time, abuelo & abuela wanted a chance to see z on his birthday, so they came really early to our house before j went to work, to deliver birthday doughnuts and gifts for z. 
waiting to blow out the candle

singing to z

grandparents visit
after school, grandma & grandpa visited z, and brought cupcakes. this day was quite a day of sugar!

we all sing to z again!

we went to benihana for z's birthday dinner, and it was the dinner from hell. it took forever for our order to be taken; we were seated next to a bachelor party; the cook kept making raunchy jokes; there was too much pepper and seasoning in the food for z's liking; the kids were falling asleep as we waited for the bill. i wrote a letter of complaint. the manager called me and left a message, offering us another free dinner, but that was the last thing we wanted! no thank you!

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