Wednesday, December 18, 2013

chronicles of potty training

yay - they're dry!
 z made it through the night monday night without needing steroids for the cough, so i sent him to school yesterday. he had a slight temp, just 99.2. he made it the whole day without wanting to come home.
s had her preschool class yesterday. i put her in big girl underwear, and she made it through the whole class without getting it wet. i tried putting her on the potty there, but she did NOT like it. we had to run errands after class, so i put a diaper OVER her underwear, so that she would feel it in case she peed, but it wouldn't make a mess. when we got home, the underwear was dry! she hadn't peed since she got up at 7am! her great streak was ruined in the afternoon, though, when she pooped in her panties. oh well. grandma & grandpa took the kids to see the zoolights (and burgerville), and j & i went out for dinner. we found some old gift cards that needed to be used up at bugatti's. yay - someone else made dinner! i had meant to make brisket, but forgot carrots & celery at the store, and s was napping, so i made caramel corn instead. anyway, after dinner, we stopped at our friend j & d's house to help celebrate j finishing his college degree. fun night!

and then it was a restless night. i heard z coughing beginning at 1am, with the croupy cough. it had returned! :( s woke up a couple times, too. i heard z coughing more & more frequently, so i finally went in at 4am, and found him awake. he had a fever, and so i gave him ibuprofen and the steroid. i kept him home from school today. he made the craft in the picture above with wikisticks, which he got from his burgerville meal. it's a picture of santa in his sleigh, carrying a bag of toys. z put a z on the top, so you'd know it was his. i've been busy making cookie dough & doing serious laundry - down comforters, covers, and sanitizing the wipes. busy busy. i also have the brisket cooking in the oven. when that finishes, i have to bake the cookies, and we will decorate them tonight for z's posada at school tomorrow.
no luck today so far with s's potty training. she has peed 2 or 3 times in her pants. i'm not ready to give up yet.

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