Sunday, December 07, 2014

busy weekend

this was a busy weekend.
friday brought swimming lessons for z, and then a burgerville dinner for everyone. mommy still needs a burgerville ice cream cone (it was forgotten in the takeout order).
saturday was filled with grocery shopping, a birthday party, a gingerbread house making party at church, and mommy's group classes. the group classes are now held at a church in the area, and one family FORGOT that the location had changed, and just left the students at our house. luckily j was there, and brought them to the church (no idea how everyone squeezed in along with z & s). mommy's stomach decided to rebel, so she's back on a limited diet, wondering if she should see the dr. :(
sunday (today) brought sunday school in the morning, along with choir practice afterward for z. we brought the snack for z's class, so mommy sat in on the class to help out, rather than staying in the service. daddy stayed home to work on the deck. once home, mommy started cleaning the refrigerator from top to bottom. it was quite a project! z had skating class in the afternoon, and then we zipped to uwajimaya's for some ginger and rice on the way home. mommy finished the refrigerator project upon returning home, and whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookie batter to be turned into cookies tomorrow for z's choir concert. the kids & daddy went to the neighborhood xmas party, while mommy stayed home to cook some ginger chicken (and wash dishes), which may or may not upset her tummy again. z & s both threw mini tantrums on the way home from the kids' party. :( they are tired!
we promise to update this post with a picture of the gingerbread house. time for sleep right now.

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