Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hood River

At the end of June, we took a family day trip out to Hood River with the goal of picking cherries.   We went to the one U-pick place that was open that early in the season, and managed to pick WAYYY too many cherries....but the kids had fun contributing (and mostly eating).

Here are Z and S under a cherry tree:

After picking our buckets full of cherries, we went to a lovely park in town, on the river.  It had little climbing structures for the kids, and even a little beach.

After the park we had lunch just across the street at Pfriem brewing (where mommy proclaimed her burger to be absolutely amazing, and daddy was being silly and had salad and no beer*).
After lunch, it was time to drive home, and we were well aware that someone was going to zonk out in the back seat.
Here is S making a valiant effort to keep her eyes open, and then succumbing to the inevitable:

*Daddy's silly abstinence apparently paid off, since we dropped him off at his climbing area on the way back home, and he managed to climb his second ever 5.12.

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