Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine's day 2013

teacher a at pasitos taught z to make the tsk sound & wink at the same time. he did it to me when i was trying to be stern & tell him to get ready for his nap. i almost died laughing inside, but just barely broke a smile & asked him who taught him that. it was so so so funny seeing a little boy do something so seriously. oh dear. what that child will turn into when he grows up..

last night at story time, right at the beginning, z told everyone that he will be having a valentine's day party at school, but that he has to go to swimming first, and "mommy says i have to get dressed extra fast so that i won't be late for the party." j & i just about died. we were mortified. luckily i was in the back on the floor, playing with s. i told z later that night that he doesn't need to tell everybody things like that.

daddy broke our camera (he dropped it), so i can only take pictures with my phone for now. a new one is on the way.

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